IwayPatrol Open Source Edition (OSE-1.02)


    IwayPatrol is a web filtering product from iTech, Inc. that has been in use by schools, businesses, libraries, ISPs, and municipal governments since 1996. It incorporates multiple techniques for controlling web access including black lists, white lists, content checking, and rating tag checking. A typical installation is a school building with a PC Linux server that handles 50-100,000 web requests per day. This scales up to large sites with multiple Sun servers and 10-30 million web requests per day.

    IwayPatrol OSE is an open source version of the commercial product. It is distributed under a GPL V3 license. (For complete license details see http://www.gnu.org/licenses). With the release of OSE-1.00, iTech is shifting to an open source model. It is hoped that OSE will find use in environments that neither need or desire commercial support. iTech will continue to provide a fully supported commercial alternative for those who need it. We look to the open source community, as well as the commercial users, to provide fresh ideas and opportunities for product improvement.

    IwayPatrol OSE-1.00 is targeted to run on a PC Linux system. The 1.00 distribution was developed and tested on Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 8. The distribution is a source distribution with binary site lists. It requires a C/C++ development environment to build and install.

    Note that the src bundle has been upgraded to v1.02. This version fixes general bit rot issues so that it compiles on current Linux versions with a current g++. It has been tested on RHEL 5.5 and Ubuntu 12.04. V1.02 includes most of the features that the pdf says were not ported to v1.00 including administration, logins, and overrides. The distribution is large because it includes several freely available site lists.

Download source bundle (ose-102.tgz   21MB)

Download documentation only (ose-100.pdf   600KB)
(also contained in source bundle)

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